The artist’s way -impression after 21 days

21 days ago I wrote about “The Artist’s way” project and now I would like to give you a feedback about the past three weeks.

My first impression: ‘Oh my goodness, I spent so much time and worked really hard!’. But I have to add: ‘It’s much fun and I was unbelievable productive during this period.’

Do you want to see a sneak preview? Here we go:

Sneak Preview - 'The Artist's way' project (Elsa K. Gaertner)

I really had trouble getting restful sleep at night and felt exhausted throughout the day. But it gave me the certainity that my mind is busy with all the new input. I had so many ideas I was happy to write them down in my daily ‘Morning Pages’. So I got them sorted and now a red thread is running through the chaos. I am still on a journey and maybe I will change my mind and will find another idea better then the first one, but who cares?! Bob Brendle sums it up: ‘Art and I have an agreement… I won’t ask where we are going and art won’t ask, ‘Why me?’ Everything flows…


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