Painting the Chakras – Throat Chakra

The fifth Chakra, located in the throat region, connects us to our expressive self, reinforcing communiucation, speech and healing. When off balance there may be issues of self-expression, fear of no power or control. When in balance, we can express our truth without worrying about what others may think.

The colour of the Throat Chakra is Blue.

Elsa K. Gaertner: Chakra Painting - Throat Chakra (Acrylic on canvas)
Elsa K. Gaertner: Chakra Painting – Throat Chakra (Acrylic on canvas)

The Throat Chakra’s element is ether (sky) and is related to communication, so express yourself by singing a song, calling a friend, writing a letter to someone you love or write a blog.

Visualise your taste buds and a thing you love to eat; maybe a fresh fruit amid the blue skies. Visualise it entering your mouth and you tasting it. Open mouth with each inhale take in pure turqoise light, with each exhale visualise the light loosing and releasing any blockages in your throat. Feel your confidence to speak your mind come to bloom.

Repeat as often as you wish, with eyes closed the following positive affirmations:

I speak. I speak my thoughts clearly, with grace and integrity. I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this with love and honour. I acknowledge the power of my word to create my own reality. I express who I am.

The Throat Chakras associated with the element ether/space, so assist in vibrational healing with plant energies of essential oils to simulate, subdue, or provide Chakra balancing. Nurture your Throat Chakra; roll on essences to pulse points, inhale. Recommended aromas: Rosemary, Lime, Sage, Indian Champa and Cedarwood

Food to stimulate this Chakra: blue foods, currants, blackberries, blue grapes, blueberries, dragon fruit, kelp, kombu, barley, wheatgrass, mushroom, ginseng, herbal teas

I can hardly wait for the summer, lying in the grass and watching clouds pass the blue sky.




4 thoughts on “Painting the Chakras – Throat Chakra

    1. Wow, es ist ein tolles Gefühl, so etwas zu lesen! Ich benutze diese Bilder zur Chakra-Meditation, weil ich eine farbliche Unterstützung brauchte und man sich gut in einen meditativen Zustand versetzen kann indem man einfach den Linien und Farbtönen folgt. Viele benutzen dafür Mandalas, um ihre Gedanken zu lenken.

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