About me

Hi and welcome!

I’m Elsa K. Gaertner, I’m passionate about paint, and I’m thrilled to have you visiting my blog.

If you love abstract art and photography, you will feel right at home here.

For me, becoming a kind of artist is not something I have plannend of being one in the first place, I know that I have the love for it but I never really take it seriously. My mother was the one who first introduced me to draw. But I was more interested in music as my father and my older brother played in an orchestra. My burning desire to play alto flute in the same orchestra became so apparent that my parents were persuaded. And so I learned to read music before I started elementary school. Many years later and after a conservative education I worked as a Make-up Artist and also had two photo exhibitions after my trip around the world.

I started this blog in December 2015 and at the same time I began with ‘The artist’s way’ project. So I’m on an impressive journey driven by passion, obsession, vision, daydreams, intuition, emotion, and inspiration. Welcome to my mind 🙂

I would be very pleased if you also visit me on Instagram and Pinterest or give me your opinion by comment or email (mail to: elsa.k.gaertner@mail.de).

Thank you very much and enjoy the reading!

With love,


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