The artist’s way -impression after 21 days

21 days ago I wrote about “The Artist’s way” project and now I would like to give you a feedback about the past three weeks.

My first impression: ‘Oh my goodness, I spent so much time and worked really hard!’. But I have to add: ‘It’s much fun and I was unbelievable productive during this period.’

Do you want to see a sneak preview? Here we go:

Sneak Preview - 'The Artist's way' project (Elsa K. Gaertner)

I really had trouble getting restful sleep at night and felt exhausted throughout the day. But it gave me the certainity that my mind is busy with all the new input. I had so many ideas I was happy to write them down in my daily ‘Morning Pages’. So I got them sorted and now a red thread is running through the chaos. I am still on a journey and maybe I will change my mind and will find another idea better then the first one, but who cares?! Bob Brendle sums it up: ‘Art and I have an agreement… I won’t ask where we are going and art won’t ask, ‘Why me?’ Everything flows…


Imagine John Lennon (exhibition)

I can not say that I am an huge fan of John Lennon and the reason could be, I was never interested enough to have a deeper look. So it was a stroke of good fortune that I started with “The artist’s way” project and a John Lennon exhibition takes place in my home town.

Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The exhibition “Imagine John Lennon” presents the musical, poetic, artistic and political engagement of John Lennon and documented the most important biographical stages in the form of song lyrics, objects, photographs, videos, paintings and lithographs.





Well, what shall I say? I am impressed! I did not know that John Lennon studied art at the Liverpool College of Art and did this wonderful and naive paintings. And also for the first time I have read poetry from him.

john lennon 6

If you also would like to visit this interesting exhibition you will find more information here.

The artist’s way – the beginning

‘The need to be a great artist makes it hard to be an artist. The need to produce a great work of art makes it hard to produce any art at all.’

Julia Cameron

Some days ago I found Julia Cameron’s book ‘The artist’s way’ in my bookshelf – it has been there since years, sometimes borrowed to a friend, and forgotten again between the other literature. Then I have decided to go public with my art, but am I good enough? Hello fear, hello self-doubt – my old friends!

the artists way

Julia Cameron promises a change and I was like ‘Yeah, why not? I will give it a try!’. Maybe this book is the kick I need, maybe the book found me in the right moment.

It is a twelve-week program to recover your creativity if you are blocked, sounds interesting. Now the bad news: Hard work is waiting for you!  You can not read the book, lean back and the muse gives you a kiss.

You have to intergrate two key habits into your life:

  • daily ‘Morning Pages’ – 3 pages filled with your thoughts
  • a weekly ‘Artist’s Date’ – time with yourself

And there are also other tasks in every chapter you have to complete during the week.

I started this morning at 6 am with my ‘Morning Pages’. Guess what my first sentence was. Exactly! ‘I am tired…. sooooo tired!’. But yes, it’s fine to write what you feel and what you think. Nobody will ever read it!

Interested in which direction I am heading? Take another look soon, as I will write about my journey in this blog.

Interested in the book? You can order it here:

The Artist’s way via

The Artist’s way via

Der Weg des K√ľnstlers via